Lots of explosions & gunfire in these Terminator: Genesis set videos

Filming for TERMINATOR: GENESIS is currently underway in New Orleans, and YouTube user Stuart Ellis managed to record some scenes being shot on the set of Alan Taylor's upcoming film. You won't get a glimpse of any of the stars appearing in the new movie in the set videos below, but there is a ton of gunfire and explosions. Although it is just a bunch gunshots, stuff blowing up and people running around in the videos, and nothing seems too futuristic, I think there's a good chance they are filming a future war scene.

Check them out:

We still don't know that much about the plot for TERMINATOR: GENESIS, however we do know it'll use events from the first two films, and it will likely play out a little differently this time around. I know there are some who are concerned TERMINATOR: GENESIS won't be as good as the first two TERMINATOR flicks (or even worse, as bad as the last two), but I'm hoping if J.K. Simmons was pleasantly surprised by the script, we will also be pleasantly surprised by the new movie.

TERMINATOR: GENESIS will be in theaters on July 1, 2015.

Source: YouTube



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