Mark Millar loves what he's seen so far from Matthew Vaughn's The Secret Service

The Secret Service

Filming for THE SECRET SERVICE should start sometime next month, which means director Matthew Vaughn is neck deep in pre-production work. The only confirmed casting is Colin Firth as Uncle Jack but there's a chance Leonardo DiCaprio will sign on as the villain and they are looking at actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Boyega to play Gary.

Creator Mark Millar has seen some of the pre-production work for THE SECRET SERVICE and he is very excited about Vaughn's take on the graphic novel. In fact, he was so thrilled about THE SECRET SERVICE that he took to Twitter praising Vaughn and company for their work. Millar also teased that a new "Millarworld" movie is in the works and we should be hearing something about that adaptation in the next few weeks.

THE SECRET SERVICE will be in theaters on November 14, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Which Millarworld comic would you like to see adapted next?



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