Mark Wahlberg doesn't deny the rumored inclusion of Dinobots in Transformers 4

Back in May, we featured an exclusive scoop that the classic Dinobots would be making an appearance in TRANSFORMERS 4. This was picked up by various sites across the internet. With 2 GUNS opening and Mark Wahlberg making the rounds to promote the film, MTV decided to ask whether or not our scoop was legit.

When asked the question, Mark Wahlberg smiled coyly and had this to say:

"None of your business," Wahlberg said, responding to a question of whether he has encountered any Dinobots. "You don't want me to get replaced halfway through production for divulging secrets."

Wahlberg was asked if he know what the Dinobots were to which he proclaimed his geek cred. This could be Wahlberg dancing around revealing any details about the Michael Bay film or he could have been caught in a tricky situation. I would be willing to take this as a non-confirmation but definitely not a denial.

Later on, Wahlberg also gave a nice synopsis for the film that gives a little different perspective than what we have heard so far.

"It feels like a completely different movie, very fresh," he said. "Obviously, it's a really interesting dynamic, being a young, single dad having a teenage daughter, trying to succeed as an inventor, having very little means and also trying to provide for my family. Then all hell breaks loose."

It is all well and good to say things about TRANSFORMERS 4 being unique in the series, but after three very similar movies, I am keeping very low expectations for the new film. Once I see some trailers, I will decide whether or not this movie will be worth seeing.

TRANSFORMERS 4 opens June 27, 2014.

Source: MTV



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