Martin Scorsese is Kinda Crazy (video)

All directors are kinda crazy, that's where genius comes from and Martin Scorsese is no exception. He grew up witnessing violence from the mafia in his own neighborhood and this had a profound effect on his art. Scorsese had a strict Catholic upbringing and you can always see an element of faith (or questioning of faith) in his films. Marty makes more than just "gangster pictures", his films always shock audiences and shake up the industry. Even his "lesser" films are better than most other directors' "better" films. Even while struggling with a major drug addiction, he still managed to produce some of the most groundbreaking films in that last couple decades. Scorsese tackles subject matter that makes our society look like a violent party full of evil yet interesting characters. He shook up the world with TAXI DRIVER, knocked us all out with RAGING BULL, changed the game with GOODFELLAS, secured his legacy with THE DEPARTED, showed us all how it's done in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and reminded us that his is a true master with his newest film, SILENCE. I invite you to dive into the world of Scorsese and learn what it really means to be "kinda crazy". Watch the video below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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