Marvel has shot their first two short films, when will we see them?

Marvel Studios, in their attempt to turn the Marvel brand into a worldwide juggernaut, is exploring all options when it comes to capitalizing on their vast universe of superheroes. One of those options that has previously been discussed is developing live-action short films, not unlike what Pixar does, but with Marvel characters. The last we heard (at least publicly) Marvel liked the idea but hadn't moved forward with any specific plans. Or had they?

Film School Rejects is reporting that Marvel has in fact shot their first two short films, which will follow SHIELD Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and serve as a prequel of sorts to next summer's THE AVENGERS. The shorts, according to FSR, will debut on the upcoming DVDs for THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, both of which will likely hit discs sometime later this year (think Christmas).

It's weird knowing a little more about the situation and not being able to talk about it because of embargoes (damn you non-disclosure agreements!!) but I think it's fair to say that we can expect some fairly substantial announcements from Marvel leading up to both Comic-Con and Disney's D23 conference. I'm not sure if Marvel was planning on announcing the shorts just yet but I'd guess that now that the news has leaked publicly, they'll probably go ahead and make it official.

So what are your hopes for the Marvel short films? I'll be you won't see any major characters so are there any other minor Avengers or Marvel characters you'd like to see make a cameo?



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