Marvel TV to seek new networks for Netflix series' going forward

Good afternoon, folks, Steve Seigh here to bring you your "It was inevitable" news for the day. According to a report by Bloomberg, Marvel TV is seriously re-thinking their methods of distribution when it comes to their series-related content. With the looming promise of Disney's own branded streaming service undoubtedly capturing the interest and wallets of their adoring public, Marvel is hard at work on mapping another path for the future of their flagship TV characters.

In the Bloomberg article, Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley talks about the "glut" of superhero television shows, and how over-saturation is quickly becoming a concern for those hoping to strike it rich with new or continuing content, even for established characters. In the report, Buckley states, “We obviously want the Marvel Television series currently on Netflix to have a long and lauded run.” Buckley then added that any new projects will seek new “networks and platforms that are the best fit for that content, including the Disney-branded streaming service.”

With Buckley's words in mind, it will be interesting to see what manner of strategy Marvel takes when finding homes for their new content. In rounding up their televised programs, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. is stationed at ABC, RUNAWAYS is kicking some major ass over at Hulu and, arriving this summer, CLOAK & DAGGER will make their debut on the Disney-owned Freeform channel. It's also worth noting that Fox's THE GIFTED has recently been picked up for a second season while LEGION is scheduled to return for a sophomore effort on FX, later this year.

The reality here is that we could be looking at some mighty big shakeups over the next few years, as Marvel TV shows continue to roll out across several networks. Personally, if the show looks interesting, I'll tune in anywhere to get my fix. While money will certainly become a factor as more and more streaming services are established, here's hoping that Marvel's content doesn't isn't scattered to the point where fans can no longer afford to view the content.

How far are you willing to go to watch Marvel TV? Will you follow the characters from network to network, or simply tune out in search of other ways to enjoy your TV time? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Source: Bloomberg



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