MGM picks up Adam Green scripted horror-comedy Killer Pizza

Adam Green has directed some pretty adult-oriened horror fare in the HATCHET series but his next project might be something younger kids can enjoy. Looking to mimic the success of films like GOONIES and GREMLINS, MGM and Chris Columbus (who, not so coincidentally, wrote both of those films) have acquired KILLER PIZZA, a new script written by Green based on the book by Greg Taylor.

The novel follows a group of teens who gets a summer job at a local pizza joint. What starts as your typical sucky summer job, turns into something far more extraordinary as they discover their pizza place is actually a front for a group of monster hunters - and they're the latest recruits.

Green wrote the script and is attached to direct, though that may or may not eventually happen.

It's a great premise and made all the stronger with the hire of Green, who will bring his considerable genre chops to the project. It also makes sense for MGM who's been making some curious moves lately including plans to develop a WHERE'S WALDO? movie and the details behind their ROBOCOP reboot.

Source: Deadline



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