Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman to star in a new version of MacBeth with added battle sequences

Despite almost working together on JANE'S GOT A GUN, Natalie Portman has found another project to appear in opposite Michael Fassbender. According to Screen Daily, the two will play the title characters in a new version of William Shakespeare's MACBETH. Portman will play Lady to Fassbender's Lord in what I can only describe as awesome casting.

This new version of the play will be directed by Justin Kurzel (SNOWTOWN) from a screenplay by writers Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff. The play will retain the original language but will be updated to include several battle sequences. The film is scheduled to shoot later this year.

Here is a synopsis of MACBETH (Spoiler Warning!):

Set in Scotland, the play dramatizes the corroding psychological and political effects produced when its protagonist, the Scottish lord Macbeth, chooses evil as the way to fulfill his ambition for power. He commits regicide to become king and then furthers his moral descent with a reign of murderous terror to stay in power, eventually plunging the country into civil war. In the end, he loses everything that gives meaning and purpose to his life before losing his life itself.

Fassbender will do an awesome job as the title character, displaying the range he has shown in SHAME and hopefully will get the recognition he rightfully deserves here. As for Portman, if she goes all out for the part of Lady MacBeth, she could very well be in contention for another Oscar. Hopefully we get some nice supporting actors to round out the cast. Kenneth Branagh, anyone?

Source: Screen Daily



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