Mitch Hurwitz says Arrested Development movie first, then Season 5 on Netflix

Even though some fans thought the last season of Arrested Development on Netflix wasn't nearly as good as the first three, overall most people really enjoying catching up with the Bluths. We know Netflix is interested in more Arrested Development, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Mitch Hurwitz says he's currently writing the script for the Arrested Development movie, which will follow season five:

I'm working on the movie right now. I can't get into much more detail because I don't want to scare anybody off. I don't want to be presumptuous about it. I don't own the property outright – it's a 20th Century Fox property. But everybody seems really into it and really eager to make a movie.

It isn't clear in the interview if the film will get a theatrical release or not, but it sounds like it will stream on Netflix. When filming season four Hurwitz had to work around the cast's busy schedule, which is why a green screen had to be used to insert actors into certain scenes. But Mitch Hurwitz says that won't be an issue with a movie since it'll be easier to get the entire cast together for a shorter amount of time:

A TV season is a six-month commitment. But I think it would be very doable to get them together for four or five weeks to make a movie.

Mitch Hurwitz might be writing the script for the movie right now, but it has not received a green light and he isn't sure when it will be released:

I'm hoping it happens as soon as possible. But I want to be very careful about not putting out false information. I want to get a time and tell everybody when it's happening and not play with people. Right now, I'm trying to do something else for Netflix and a movie project and things. I'm always sort of superstitious about talking about this stuff before it happens. It's the best way to guarantee it doesn't happen.

Hurwitz ends the interview by saying that it's important that Arrested Development continues to grow and change.

The whole thing is sort of unprecedented. It's always been its own little thing. I kind of feel like the more it stays original, the better chance it has. As soon as it goes back to trying to do exactly what it was before, you run the risk of doing a reunion show or something.

I feel like fans that didn't care for the last season ended up enjoying it more once they re-watched it. Sure some episodes weren't as great as others but as a whole I was completely satisfied with the fourth season of Arrested Development, and I'd definitely be down with a movie and another season with the Bluths.

Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see in an Arrested Development movie?
Source: Rolling Stone



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