Netflix is interested in ordering another round of Arrested Development

The return of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT caused a collective joygasm for those who were long fans of the series and sad when it was axed. However when the episodes finally hit Netflix some people were confused over what they were seeing. We knew that some of the actors had to receive the "green screen treatment" due to schedule issues but this was a different format entirely.

Some felt that it lacked the original spirit and chemistry that they had grown to adore. Each episode took us on the individual journey of each character, instead of "This is Arrested Development" it was "George Michael's" or "Tobias' Arrested Development". Honestly, at first I was a little lost on what they were trying to do with the new season but as it went on I started to really enjoy and appreciate it. No, it wasn't the same and the characters didn't get to react with one another like they did before, but there were tons of good bits and laughs there. The creators really went out on a limb to take the show to a different place.

The series seems to have done well with its self since Netflix is interested in ordering another season of the show. Netflix is currently in "conversations" with Warner Bros. as well as the main talent of the comedy series to see if another season would be feasible. According to the numbers in May, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT performed quite well. CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings said, “We had very high expectation from the beginning for ‘Arrested Development’ because it had a well-known brand, and we were thrilled with the response and it’s been huge, just as we hoped."

Would you be interested in another season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT? What would you want to see in the next adventures and mishaps of the Bluth family?

Source: Variety



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