Mila Kunis will officially feel the power of Oz with James Franco

We've been hearing that obsession-worthy BLACK SWAN rival Mila Kunis might get witchy for OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, Sam Raimi's suspicious prequel to THE WIZARD OF OZ.

It's now a done deal, and Kunis will make things difficult for James Franco, who plays the title role of "a fast-talking snake oil salesman and illusionist who flees a traveling circus and winds up whisked away in a hot air balloon by a tornado to Oz, where he must face off against real magic and the sisters battling for control of the land."

Kunis will play Theodora, a good witch whose sexual advances are rejected by Franco's traveler (huh-whaaaat??), after which she sides with her evil older sis to take over Oz. Hell hath no fury indeed. The other witches haven't been cast yet, but the studio is chasing ladies like Olivia Wilde, Amy Adams, Kate Beckinsale, Keira Knightley and Rebecca Hall.

The ever-busy Franco decided to reunite with his SPIDER-MAN director for the Oz role after Robert Downey Jr. departed and Johnny Depp passed.

Extra Tidbit: I'd say Kunis and Franco's talents were basically wasted in their short DATE NIGHT roles, but I could probably say that about almost the whole cast of that surprisingly unfunny "comedy"...
Source: Variety



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