Moore talks Rapunzel

Here's a bit of news out of the Mouse House for those of you who haven't been paying attention. A) Disney is planning a 3D RAPUNZEL musical (I showed you concept art for it a while back) and B) Mandy Moore is voicing/singing the lead role. That second part escaped me until now, when she sat down with Empire and talked a little bit about becoming a Disney Princess.

"She's sort of the quintessential sassy, feisty Disney heroine. She's quite modern, quite a curious girl as well," says Moore of the once-entowered princess. "She's just coming into her own and is anxious to figure out a way to see the world around her that she's been kept away from for so many years…. I just feel honoured to be in such good company. Being a Disney Princess is kind of every girl's ultimate dream.”

John Lasseter has been cooking up this project for years, and it’s going to be Disney’s 50th animated feature when it’s finally released. I’m still not sure how base an entire movie around a fairly tale that involves a dude climbing up a girl’s magically long hair in order to rescue her, but I’m sure Disney has a few tricks up their sleeves in order to make this a worthwhile endeavor, and casting Mandy Moore ain’t a bad start.

Oh and one more pivotal piece of information before we go, Moore’s favorite Disney princess: "I was always really fond of the Little Mermaid growing up, so I would probably have to go with Ariel."

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Disney princess is Amy Adams. Is that cheating?
Source: Empire



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