More proof that Ivan Drago will return in Creed 2

So another day, another social media post by Sylvester Stallone seeming to confirm that Ivan Drago will indeed make an appearance - one way or another - in the upcoming CREED sequel. Which, honestly makes sense, as he, you know, killed Creed's father. Not only that, but the original idea Stallone had for ROCKY V would partially be about how much Drago's life sucks in the Soviet Union post-boxing match loss. In fact, the idea was scrapped because it was deemed too depressing. I wonder if we'll get any of that backstory into the current script?

Anyway, here's Stallone's serial killer scribblings that seem to indicate Drago's appearance via Instagram hashtags. Take a look for yourself:

I wonder if Drago's son and Creed will do battle? I kind of hope not, because that would be some cheesy shit, but the ROCKY series has strived on cheesiness before, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm honestly curious how they'll implement Drago, if that indeed is the case. Honestly, I'm just excited for more Dolph Lundgren on the big-screen!

Meanwhile, no official release date for CREED 2, except that it's supposed to come out sometime next year. We'll see if they stick to that.

Extra Tidbit: How do you Schmoes rank the ROCKY movies (including CREED)?
Source: Instagram



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