More Wrath of the Titans TV Spots than you can shake a trident at!

I have to admit, WRATH OF THE TITANS marketing is so good, that I'm actually going to have to watch its 2010 predecessor even though I had heard mixed things about it. CLASH OF THE TITANS, while not a major box office success in the US, did find its audience, and went on to have a great life on DVD/Blu-Ray. So a sequel was in order.

Warner Bros. released 4 new TV spots for the film opening March 30th.  With the two TV spots seen yesterday, there is quite a bit of Wrath going around the internet! The film seems to have upped the CGI monsters, fire, and action. As well as generously increased the amount of long flowing locks of Sam Worthington's hair!

To see all six new TV spots, head over to JoBlo Videos!

If you're still not sold by these solid TV Spots. Co-star Rosemund Pike wants you to feel the Wrath of her Side Boob!

Source: Warner Bros.



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