Mother's Leatherface?

The casting of Rebecca De Mornay as the Mother in MOTHER'S DAY was excellent to say the least. Now, there's another addition to the cast, Andrew Bryniarski also better known as Leatherface.

So, who will he be playing? That my friends, is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. Actually, it's not much of a riddle but this is what the executive producer for MOTHER'S DAY Curtis Leopardo had to say about it, “Given Andrew’s iconic status in the horror-thriller genre, we wanted to give him a special part that will intentionally be clouded in mystery until the film is released."

I don't think that Leatherface is going to bust in and have a tea party with the Mother and her crazy ass family, but do we get even a hint? Nope. “We don’t want to spoil the surprise for avid Texas Chainsaw fans, but we’re thrilled to bring Andrew on board for what will certainly become a dark and mysterious role", says Leopardo. Could Bryniarski be one of the brothers? I'm sure whatever role he plays he will be mega creepy. Oh, if you're on the Twitter and are a fan of MOTHER'S DAY and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA director Darren Lynn Bousman he has an account and is updating from the set of the film.

Deborah Ann Woll is also in MOTHER'S DAY and is absolutely gorgeous. The two pics were necessary.

Extra Tidbit: I never knew that Bryiarski played Christopher Walken's son in BATMAN RETURNS.
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