Movie news round-up: full Pacific Rim viral site live, Michael Caine explains the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, Tron: Legacy snags new writer

Three different movies, three different kinds of news, and three last words. 

That's what I have for you today in this little news blurb round-up, so hopefully you can find something here that finds favor with your news-reading palate.  And SPOILERS for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Pacific Rim black banner

First up there's the PACIFIC RIM viral site, notable for two main reasons (the order importance on these being debateable): 1) it collects all of the past piece of viral information released into one location (and implies that we'll soon see more released), and 2) it advertises a countdown to what is presumably the trailer reveal. 

Which is only six days away, if you want to know.  Just like with today's STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS trailer, I think I'm going to wait to see the footage for the first time in front of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY - TREK and RIM seem to me to be movies that were made and meant for the big screen experience, meant to engulf you in sound and sensation and epic imagery.  And I'm (mostly) content to wait and allow that to happen in just a little over one week's time.

And once done, it's only a measly (read: torturous) six month wait until PACIFIC RIM's release date of July 12th.  You can reach the viral site by clicking right here.

(via Pan Pacific Defense)

The Dark Knight Rises - Caine and Bale

As far as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES goes - the ending was never in doubt so far as I'm concerned.  Nolan might not be into the idea of giving his audience all the answers, but I've never known him to outright trick people.  INCEPTION's ending was of course cut andedited in a way meant to sew doubt as to just what was happening, but that same storytelling technique was also a plot point supported by the path of the entire film up until that point. 

With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Nolan put all the pieces in place and took great care to point out specific elements (the auto-pilot, etc...) which then served to reinforce the reality of the final moments.  Don't believe me? Here's what a guy who was there thinks: "They were there. They were real. There was no imagination. They were real and he was with Anne, the cat lady, and I was happy ever after for him as I told him during the picture."  Now, to be fair, that's just Michael Caine's opinion.  Nobody's saying that what Caine thinks is what Nolan himself had in mind - but for someone who had to act the scene, who lived with it and worked with it, that's what he thought.  And from that perspective, I'm completely inclined to believe it.

In a bonus piece of mini-news, Caine revealed that he would be up for giving Alfred another go should the studio ask him to do so: "I said to Chris, ‘If they do it again and they ask me to be the Butler, I’m going to do it.'  [Christopher Nolan laughed and] said, ‘I want 10%.’”

(via Los Angeles Times - Hero Complex)

Tron: Legacy light cycle banner

Finally, for those of you waiting on that third TRON sequel, here's another update for the project on the writing side of things (which appears to be just about the only side we hear about).

Scribe Jeffrey Wigutow (THE CROW remake, PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS) is currently in negotiations to do a rewrite of the script, making him at least the third person to try and make the project work.  Director Joseph Kosinski is still attached to direct should Disney get the project in order by the time OBLIVION releases on April 19th.

It took over 25 years for Disney to do a sequel to TRON.  Comparatively speaking, what might only amount to a six (or so) year wait isn't all that bad.  But will you still care should Disney get things going?

(via The Hollywood Reporter - Heat Vision)

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