MPAA under the gun?

Filmmaker Kirby Dick (respect, man) made some static with his documentary THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED, which called out the MPAA high-noon style for their clandestine practices and dubious rating system. Did it actually *gasp* have an impact? So it would seem!

MPAA honcho Dan Glickman, the replacement for that implausibly ancient relic who finally retired, confesses thusly: “The documentary made it clear that we probably haven't done as much as we can to explain how it all works.” Translation: nobody outside of the MPAA knows how it works. Or, perhaps, nobody in the MPAA either.

The Association, which has long been helping shape society by determining what people should be allowed to see and hear (and has been so successful with influencing human morality so far, huh?), will reveal and revise some of their rules and appeals, better determine what subject matter qualifies as R-rated material, and generally make the process more user-friendly.

This will not, sadly, prevent studios from continually making junky bloodless PG-13 pseudo-horror movies.

Extra Tidbit: The vivid heart-extraction and other violence in the PG-rated INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and GREMLINS were largely responsible for the creation of the PG-13 rating. RED DAWN was the first movie to hit theaters with the new rating. Wolverines!
Source: Variety



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