Multiple cuts of Suicide Squad were being developed simultaneously

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Unfortunately, the first wave of reviews for David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD haven't been overly kind, while the cast has received praise, many reviewers have called the structure of the film a "mess." As is the case when any highly anticipated big-budget film doesn't seem to meet our expectations, we tend to start wondering what went wrong. According to a report by THR, the blame may rest with the lackluster response to BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was apparently "really pissed about damage to the brand" after the critical response to BVS and the executives suddenly became very anxious that SUICIDE SQUAD wouldn't deliver "on the fun, edgy tone promised in the strong teaser trailer for the film." The project was already sprinting towards a release date from day one and, according to THR's source, would have really benefited from more time spent hammering out the script as David Ayer had just six weeks to get it done. With anxieties running high that the film wouldn't live up to the tone the public thought it would have, Warner Bros. began working on different cut, separate from David Ayer's, with the assistance of Trailer Park, the company which put together that first teaser.

In May, Ayer's more somber version and a lighter, studio-favored version were tested with audiences in Northern California. "If there are multiple opinions that aren't in sync, you go down multiple tracks — two tracks at least," says an insider. "That was the case here for a period of time, always trying to get to a place where you have consensus." Those associated with the film insist Ayer agreed to and participated in the process. Once feedback on the two versions was analyzed, it became clear it was possible to get to "a very common-ground place." (The studio-favored version with more characters introduced early in the film and jazzed-up graphics won.) Getting to that place of consensus, however, required millions of dollars worth of additional photography.

This combination of two very different versions may account for some of the criticism's thrown SUICIDE SQUAD's way, but, if true, it's unfortunate that the project wasn't given more time to solve these issues before they became a problem. There's probably more to the story of what was going on behind-the-scenes in the rush to get SUICIDE SQUAD out, but as many of us haven't yet had the chance to view the movie for ourselves, it still remains to be seen what the general public will make of the film.

SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters this Friday.

Source: THR



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