MWF2 makes $310M

This will be the last "Call of Duty" post I’ll make for a while, but this news is too significant to overlook. In the first 24 hours after its release, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has made $310M in North America and the UK alone, making it the most successful launch for any entertainment product in history, and by a huge margin at that. For a point of reference, previous 24 hour records were held by SPIDER-MAN 3, the last "Harry Potter" book, and most notably "Halo 3," which boasted the former best one-day sales total of $170M, a number which COD has since dropped a tactical nuke on.

Granted yes, games cost $60 whereas movies cost $10, but this kind of event signifies a long-time coming shift toward video games becoming perhaps the dominant entertainment force in the world. It’s impossible for corporations and those in the media to see numbers like this, and not think that video games are an avenue they need to start taking seriously.

As for the actual game itself? For all its hype, I do believe the game lives up to it. The single player campaign is like living a five hour movie, and contains some moments which are quite literally breathtaking and will stay with me just as much as many classic film scenes have.

I know a lot of you have picked up the title by now, what are your thoughts on "Modern Warfare 2"?

Extra Tidbit: My mouth was open for literally the entire airport level.
Source: Activision



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