New 60-second TV spot for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; plus hear the entire score by Howard Shore!

A new 60-second TV spot for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY has arrived, featuring a few new bits of footage, but nothing life altering.  Still, it's a little more than your average spot, so that's something.  I think at this point people are ready to just see the movie.  I doubt anyone is on the fence about whether or not to see this film, with a TV spot hanging in the balance for a ticket sale.  We're sold.  Roll film.

Take a look:

In addition, Empire has a preview of the entire score by Howard Shore, which plays from start to finish (although you can't skip tracks). It sounds about the way you'd expect, with a slightly less ominous feel that was so prevalent in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. The theme is there with all the trimmings, so fans should be pleased as punch. I know I am.

Click the image below to hear the score at Empire:

Peter Jackson's return to Middle-Earth begins with THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY on December 14, 2012.  Buy your tickets now!

Extra Tidbit: I actually watched the director's cut of Fellowship over the weekend and came to the point where they decide to send just nine people to go throw the ring into Mount Doom. For the first time, I was like, really? Nine people? That's the best you've got? What about all the other people at the council? They had more pressing issues to attend to other than, y'know, saving Middle Earth? Still, great movie, but damn...nine people??
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