New Bond images plus a breakdown of the opening sequence from Spectre


How about that Bond teaser that hit last week? Between this and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION, I couldn't tell you which one I'm more excited for! If you just can't get enough on the Bond side of things, we have some cool news regarding the opening of the film as well as some new images. Now, it's no surprise that the opening of a Bond film is going to deliver the action goods, but if you'd rather go into the film not knowing some of the details, you can scroll past the images featuring a Day of the Dead parade.


For those of you still reading, the opening of the film will feature a massive Day of the Dead parade with 1500 extras in full, festive attire. Bond will find himself making his way into a hotel room with the lovely Stephanie Sigman. While she's expecting to get some of that 007, he's more interested in the vantage point the room offers. Spotting two bad guys across the way, Bond takes out one and the other proceeds to flee. From there, a chase begins and somehow this results in a building exploding, because this is a Bond movie.

Now the two are weaving in and out of the parade because . . . well, what good is a parade in a film if you're not going to have characters run through it?!? This villain that Bond is chasing is named Sciarra. That's important to note, as Monica Bellucci's character in the film is named Lucia Sciarra. During this chase, the villain calls for back-up and a helicopter lands in the street. Both end up boarding and what follows is some good, ole-fashioned fisticuffs mid-flight. Given some of the garb we can see Monica Bellucci wearing below, I'm thinking things don't end well for the villain.


The opening aside, we've also got some more pictures featuring some of the cast of SPECTRE. One can never get enough of Monica Bellucci, acting sad or no. We also have an image of Christoph Waltz's character shrouded in shadow, much like he is in the teaser trailer. To top it off, we have one of our main man, Daniel Craig, just looking like he would be more comfortable punching some member of SPECTRE in the face.


SPECTRE will hit theaters on November 6, 2015.

Source: IGNimgur



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