New Bond set details may explain what Skyfall means

It appears that the title SKYFALL may be literal. SlashFilm has posted a very detailed set visit which reveals many details about the upcoming twenty-third Bond movie. These details are minor spoilers, so consider this your warning.

The set visit centered on a particularly important set piece to the film which they explain to be the culmination of a chase scene through and beneath London, the villain Silva, played by Javier Bardem, causes an explosion in a catacomb chamber underneath a London tube station, and a train comes crashing down on Bond’s head.

That sounds pretty awesome, but part of me hopes that is not what SKYFALL literally means.  I am hoping for it to be some GoldenEye-esque code for a much more sinister item/operation.

The article goes on to explain some of the complex sets being used in the new film: One was being put up, the other struck. The new set was a three-tier casino that in the film will be set in Macau. There is a large water tank on the outskirts of Pinewood, with a large blue screen at one end. That tank, decorated with two very large floating dragon heads, was used to shoot parts of the water-based approach to the casino. Metalwork imported from China was being added to decorate the deep burgundy walkways and carved wooden dragons that surround a central gambling area. Gold accents provided definition to the set, which was also fitted with a fighting pit over which crossed walkway allow a great view for onlookers.

It is also mentioned that Javier Bardem's blonde look may be a disguise his character is wearing, which I assumed it was.  I have a good deal of faith in Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins to make this film look amazing.  So far, I have only heard things to make me raise expectations.

SKYFALL opens November 9th.

Source: SlashFilm



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