New Bond title

We all know the DEVIL MAY CARE, but do you? Especially when we’re talking about books. See? Some of you already stopped reading, but for those who didn’t, you might find something here you really like. I apologize for psyching you out with the title, but if it was ‘New Bond Book’, these words would go unread. Anyway, EW.com has landed a sneak peak at the cover of a new James Bond book called DEVIL MAY CARE, in honor of original Bond scribe Sir Ian Fleming’s 100th birthday (May 28, which is when the book drops). Hired to write the book was Sebastian Faulks, who wrote the book CHARLOTTE GRAY, which eventually became a film starring Cate Blanchett. Faulks' goal was to write it as though he was Fleming himself, which is why the cover reads “Sebastian Faulks written as Ian Fleming.” If I knew Felming’s writing well (I’ve only read CASINO ROYALE) then I’d be really curious to see how Faulks pulls this one off. I still am curious but I have no way of knowing. Is anyone excited about this?
Extra Tidbit: Devil May Care would have been a great title if it weren't already a popular video game series.
Source: EW.com



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