New clip from The Wolf of Wall Street has Jonah Hill quitting his job; Scorsese comments on running time

It seems that everyone in the film community is buzzing for THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and for obvious reasons. You've got Martin Scorsese directing, Terrence Winter writing, and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in a real-life gangster-ish tale of greed, corruption, and excess. What's not to love? Added to this bouquet of awesome is a stellar roster of co-stars, one of which includes Jonah Hill, who has really made a go of his career from comedy to drama (and back again). Playing Donnie Azoff, Hill demonstrates his chops in this new clip from the film where he is so enamored with the success of DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort that he takes drastic measures to be a part of the club.

How much money do you make?:

Recently, Scorsese, DiCaprio, Winter, and Hill sat down with THR to talk about the film and Scorsese commented on the delay and running time of the film, saying the original cut was "four hours," which has since been trimmed to two hours 59 minutes. When asked if he'd ever like to release the four hour cut, Scorsese said:

No, not really. That talk about these "director cuts" -- it doesn't really [apply]. In the old days, if the [studio] took the film away from you and they made a cut and there was a director's cut here and somebody found it -- that's a director's cut. But a longer cut is a longer cut. There's a couple of lines of dialogue I would've liked to put back in. [But it's been] quite an experience putting this together in the editing room. For the past five weeks now, it's been day and night, seven days a week, mixing, cutting, re-cutting.

DiCaprio weighed in, saying:

At the end of the day, no one's going to prohibit Martin Scorsese from making the film he wants to make. The only conversations were about whether the film should be released at a certain date or not. Nothing else.

I personally never had any doubt whether or not we'd get what Scorsese wanted us to see, so the running time, cuts, etc. weren't a concern. Scorsese has done this dance with a majority of his films, so it really just felt like the same old dance in that regard. At this point, my only concern is getting to the theater to see this bad boy.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET opens on December 25, 2013.



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