New images from Before Midnight, the third chapter of Richard Linklater's "Before" series, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Probably one of the most-anticipated indie-sequels in recent memory, BEFORE MIDNIGHT, the third chapter in director Richard Linklater's "Before" trilogy, recently played at Sundance, receiving strong reviews and a confirmation that the magic is still there, if not more so.  Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as a couple who have had an on/off long-distance romance since first meeting on a train in the first film, BEFORE SUNRISE, and later after meeting up nearly a decade after that in BEFORE SUNSET, the pair are back to their bantering ways again with BEFORE MIDNIGHT, which picks up nine years after the last film and answers the question of that film's cliffhanger ending.

Without spoiling the details, you can count on the usual back-and-forth between Hawke and Delpy, who are so brilliantly convincing in their respective roles as Jessie and Celine, the conflicted lovers who are chock full of passion for one another.  Their dialogue leads to both infuriating and romantic emotions, which is the most compelling aspect of the series as it's instantly relative to anyone whose weathered the storm of a relationship.  That connection is the real strength of the BEFORE series and I can't wait to go down that road with Jessie and Celine again. To up the ante of your anticipation, we have some new pics from the film.

Take a look:

BEFORE MIDNIGHT is currently screening at Sundance and will likely lead to a distribution deal and release date, sometime in 2013. 

Extra Tidbit: If you've never seen Before Sunrise or Before Sunset, I highly recommend you to take the plunge. Some of the most honest and engaging portraits of the complexity of relationships I've ever seen. Funny, infuriating, and even heartwarming.
Source: Indiewire



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