New Justice League trailer focuses on Batman

While I've been slowly-but-surely coming around on the JUSTICE LEAGUE film, there are still things that bother me. One is the fact that the Wonder Twins are not on the roster, and the other is that Batman is the leader of the group. I always preferred Batman as the loner who is only an honorary member at first, like in JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED (in that series he eventually succumbed to seeing them as a surrogate family as well).

But, who knows? Maybe this version will be even better? I like Ben Affleck as Batman (one of the few good things about BATMAN V SUPERMAN), and I like even more that it seems like he isn't killing anyone in this film! Though, his affinity for guns are still a bit iffy...In any case, you can see Affleck and the cast talk about Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE, as well as (a few frames of) new footage in featurette embedded above!

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE will fly into theaters November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: Does it count as murder, if you're killing Parademons?
Source: YouTube



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