New line of Transformers toys give you a better look at robots new & old

The TRANSFORMERS franchise is just as famous for its bounty of awesome toys as it is for campy cartoons and explosive Michael Bay fever dreams. For a lot of fans the toys are where they can trace their love of the series to, and for those very intense fans the toys are what take up the entire basement of the house and are the root of your marital problems.  What I’m trying to say is the toys are a big part of the whole deal, and in celebration of THE LAST KNIGHT Hasbro has begun to unveil its new line of transforming toys which give you a better look at some of the robots, old and new, in the new film

Check them out with quotes from Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner:


“For those who know what Headmasters are, he’s a headmaster. Those are robots who become the control mechanism, taking over another robot’s sentience.” The vehicular form of this servant to Sir Edmund Burton is the James Bind favorite, the Aston Martin.

Hot Rod:

“He’s got an important role in the movie and he’s also got a funny way because he really likes the role of a foreign, debonair style.” He has several different forms in the movie, but for the toy he’s a Lamborghini Centenario.


The classic villain will be “roided out” this time around, and takes on the form of a massive stealth bomber, and in robot form has a sort of helmet lining around his head.


Though there is no clean image of him out yet, the character has a bashed in face and is said to have been on earth for over a thousand years. His form, therefore, is not a vehicle, but a massive dragon. “Where do you think those dragons came from back in the middle ages?” Goldner says. “They didn’t just disappear. They were foreign visitors, perhaps.”

They aren't as good of visuals as you could expect from a trailer or something, but certainly when it comes to Skullitron we have a better look at these fighting robots. We are less than a month away from the fifth installment in this franchise and though it probably won't be the biggest of them all there is still something extraordinary in that people still care this far down the line. I think it's because there's something so innocent about wanting to see robot space aliens beat each other up while the world is destroyed in the background. All of that started when we were kids playing with toys like this, and I'm sure that's the argument many die-hard fans have given their loved ones when they're told to get rid of "all those dumb McDonald's toys because you're 47."


Source: EWHasbro



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