New old Predators

What will the Predators look like in the new Rodriguez film? More like the original. What a relief.

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR brought a new look for the dreadlocked extraterrestrial, something more of the steampunk variety. This did not go over too well with the die hards of the original from 1987. That predator was raw, gritty, and more believable in the beginning. Oh, and before the AVP fans get angry, the first film was alright, the second (REQUIEM) was total crap.

Moving onwards, Howard Berger who currently works for KNB effects, once worked with the original creature creator, Stan Winston. Berger wanted to stay faithful to the original Winston design for the new movie, "We wanted to have the Predator look as it did in the original film. We went back and looked at the original. I actually worked in the shop with Stan Winston on the first film. It was great to be able to go back to the series having not been involved in any of the sequels, and it was also great to be able to make sure we built them as Stan Winston did." Winston was and will forever be a legend in cinema, so staying with his design is the right choice.

Needless to say, Berger has seen the new outfits, and is excited about them, ‘"They look really fantastic. There's a whole bunch of cool [Predator's] in the film, and everyone's going to be very happy that we've been very faithful to the Stan Winston designs. It's out next year. It's shooting very soon.’’ It'll be good to see some footage when it's available to get a glimpse of the take Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal have in store.

Extra Tidbit: Was I supposed to feel bad for the Predators in AVP? It got too emotional.
Source: Moviehole



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