New pics from the Prometheus viral site yield more stunning images

PROMETHEUS is still teasing us with new images even after the second trailer dropped our collective jaws to the floor.

Launched just after the aforementioned trailer, the viral website Project Prometheus has been a puzzle to visitors.  But, it was soon cracked and so far two images have made their way online to the official PROMETHEUS Facebook page.

Both do not feature any alien or space jockey action but they do give us a good wide angle view of the scope of Ridley Scott's film.

That first image of the ship was unlocked using a URL and the word "Eridu," which was an ancient Sumerian city.

The other interesting tidbit was this update on that same Facebook page.  On this day in 2026, Weyland Industries earns patent number 9,158,239 for a chemical composition of classified properties able to almost perfectly replicate the biological features and textures of human skin.

Call me a sucker, but the PROMETHEUS marketing campaign has got me one hundred percent locked into seeing this movie. Every single move they have made so far has just clicked. We won't know for sure if the movie is as goon as advertised until this summer, but until then we will wait for every single still they decide to feed us.

Extra Tidbit: I am so excited for this movie that I would choose it over sex. Seriously.



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