New posters for Transcendence and Transformers: Age of Extinction

Are you in the mood for some action or sci-fi? What about Optimus Prime or Johnny Depp? Okay, is it going to be TRANSCENDENCE or TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION? I’m not even going to try and guess what you chose. Whatever it was, I’m sure you chose wisely.

I've been impressed with both films thus far for different reasons. TRANSCENDENCE looks like it might be a great sci-fi/thriller. TRANSFORMERS on the other hand looked like I could actually sit through it, and dinobots. Cause dinosaurs are cool no matter what anyone says even Michael Bay. Am I impressed with these two posters for the film? Well…

The one for TRANSCENDENCE is a pretty generic character poster with a tagline slapped over Depp’s handsome face. The clear winner here is TRANSFORMERS. Yeah, I know! It’s kind of a miracle but I gotta say I love this poster.

Check them both out below. Try not to get caught staring at Depp’s sexy scowl.

Source: Joblo.com



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