New trailer and photos from Russell Brand and James Marsden's Hop

Well this is...strange.

You know, I can see the appeal of a kids movie starring the Easter Bunny, but from what I've seen in this new HOP trailer, it's not really working for me. The film stars James Marsden as a man who meets a CGI Easter Bunny trying to get out of the job.

He's voiced by Russell Brand, but with the pitch turned up an octave or two so it barely even sounds like him. What's the point of getting a celebrity voice if you're going to make his voice unrecognizable? Were there really no British teenagers available and you just wanted Brand's name on your poster?

The film has more than one reference to DESPICABLE ME, implying you might like it, but then immediately cocks that up by telling you this is from the director of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, and that's all you can see from then on out.

Check out the trailer here over at Apple, and some pictures from HOP below.

Extra Tidbit: Today I learned that the Chipmunks ALSO had a recognizable voices made incoherent in the form of Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler and Jesse McCartney
Source: Apple



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