Nicole Perlman says writing the Captain Marvel script is "complicated"

While WONDER WOMAN will hit theaters first, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY scribe Nicole Perlman and her CAPTAIN MARVEL co-writer Meg LeFauve have quite the task ahead of them. The first female-led Marvel Studios film has yet to cast it's lead, find a director, or even complete a screenplay. The film still has a long way to go before it hits theaters but Marvel Studios is in no rush to just get a film in production without making sure it is handled just right.

Perlman recently shared some insight with Wired as to where things stand with tackling CAPTAIN MARVEL.

“We’ve been talking a lot about archetypes and what we want this movie to be about and just how to write a strong female superhero without making it Superman with boobs. … Meg and I are doing a lot of brainstorming and we’ll catch ourselves and say, ‘Wait a minute, what are we saying [here] about women in power?’ Then we have to say, ‘Why are we getting so hung up on that? We should just tell the best story and build the best character.’ And then we have this constant back-and-forth about how to tell a story that is compelling, entertaining, moving, kick-ass, and fun, and also be aware of what those larger implications might be. It’s a lot more complicated than just writing Guardians.”

CAPTAIN MARVEL has to be handled carefully as it  features a character a lot of mainstream audiences may not be familiar with. Like DC Comics' Green Lantern, the title of Captain Marvel has been held by many over the years. With the film focusing on Carol Danvers, a military officer who gains a bevy of powers including psychic abilities, flight, strength, and more, the movie has to strike a balance that makes the character relateable without confusing audiences.

Fitting CAPTAIN MARVEL into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has likely already been figured out but the task of fleshing out her story is a big one. Marvel Studios has had a very solid track record, and if the buzz surrounding ANT-MAN is any indication, they can accomplish it even with characters that are not as easy as Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is slated to hit theaters on November 2, 2018.

Source: Wired



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