No Quixote for Depp

Back in June, we wrote an an article about Depp being given an index card with coming film projects on it. Depp confirmed DARK SHADOWS, REX MUNDI, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4(they wouldn't make them without him), and THE LONE RANGER. Nothing else was really said after that about the other two projects, SIN CITY 3 and THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE.

Well, it seems like Terry Giliiam has confirmed there will be no Johnny in his DON QUIXOTE, "I can now honestly say that I'm not working with Johnny on DON QUIXOTE. He's booked himself up on a lot of other films."

Depp can't do everything, even though he tries. He wanted to fit this in but it just wasn't possible according to Gilliam, "I want to shoot Don Quixote next year. "He [Depp] said he's not available and we have both agreed that I'm going to die soon, so it would be nice to get this film under my belt." Ugh. I don't want to think about Gilliam dying.

But the show must go on and Gilliam knows that, "We've written it and we're out there hunting actors and money as we speak." This will be a really great project once they get it running. I don't mind that Depp isn't going to play QUIXOTE. I'm sure Gilliam will find someone just as good if not better.

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone else love DARK SHADOWS?
Source: The Independent



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