Noomi Rapace To Join Will Smith in Sci-fi Thriller Brilliance

Things are finally moving forward with the adaptation of the sci-fi thriller BRILLIANCE. Noomi Rapace is in talks to star opposite Will Smith in the movie which is now confirmed to be his next starring role. Scripted by David Koepp (WAR OF THE WORLDS), the film is based on the Marcus Sakey novel of the same name and takes place in a world where one percent of people are born with heightened cognitive abilities, dubbed "brilliants."

Smith plays a federal agent whose gift is put to good use hunting terrorists, but he meets his match when he must track down another "brilliant" who is bent on igniting a civil war. Rapace will play "a tattooed and pierced brilliant identified as a terrorist by the government."

Rapace is no stranger to playing a tattooed and pierced character; she played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO adaptations. I wouldn’t fear about her being typecast just yet as we say her turn out great performances in PROMETHEUS and SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS.

This movie sounds leaps and bound ahead of Smith’s last sci-fi effort AFTER EARTH. The cast is shaping up nicely and the great material is already there. Let’s hope Smith turning down INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 was a smart decision.

Julius Onah is directing, and production is looking to begin this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Who else was hoping BAD BOYS 3 was going to be his next project?
Source: THR



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