Oldman NOT in Iron Man

Yesterday IESB reported an interesting rumor that Gary Oldman had joined the cast of IRON MAN 2 in an unspecified role. Something about this (specifically that Mr. Oldman was in the thick of shooting BOOK OF ELI) struck me as odd so I decided to do a little digging. I called Mr. Oldman's longtime manager Douglas Urbanski and we spoke briefly this afternoon about IRON MAN 2. And? It's not true.

Mr. Urbanski said that Gary was right in the middle of the ELI shoot and hadn't left the set once except to return home to see his children (so seeing him on the IRON MAN 2 set would be impossible). He also said that Gary is very happy with the Batman franchise (and Warner Bros. in general for whom he also worked on ELI and HARRY POTTER with) and wouldn't sign on to another superhero franchise out of respect. So nope, it's not true and nobody involved with Mr. Oldman knows how the rumor came about.

But where one rumor ends, another pops up. Mr. Urbanski said, while referencing Batman and THE DARK KNIGHT, that he was scheduled to talk to Christopher Nolan later today. Could Mr. Oldman be looking at INCEPTION as his next film? UPDATE - Apparently this is being picked up as fact when in fact this was just a cheeky little jab at how quickly rumors get started. Gary Oldman is NOT in INCEPTION nor was he ever going to be part of inception. Bad joke. Poor timing...

Source: JoBlo.com



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