Lobbying for Donald Glover to be the next Spider-man begins anew

Aside from the casting rumors circling actors like Logan Lerman for the new rebooted Spider-man set to debut in next year's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, the same Internet fans who wanted comedian/rapper Donald Glover to play the webslinger are coming back to the forefront again.

If you weren't already aware, in 2011 there was a grassroots effort to have the COMMUNITY star cast as the new Peter Parker for Marc Webb's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Eventual star Andrew Garfield even liked the idea despite the outcry from some fans about the potential racial change for the character. The popularity of the idea grew to the point that Marvel Comics created the character of Miles Morales, whom Glover would go on to voice in his animated form.

Now, with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN franchise dead and a new take on the character needed, Marvel and Sony are going to have to deal with whether or not they do another origin story for Spider-man. They could go the BATMAN V SUPERMAN route and just install Spider-man as an existing hero and ignore the well established origin or they could do something drastic and make the new character Miles Morales versus Peter Parker. Either way, Marvel and Sony have to think about the long term repercussions for whatever decision they make.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR hits theaters on May 6, 2016 and the new SPIDER-MAN debuts on July 28, 2017.

Source: Time



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