Owen Wilson is back for Gaylord's wife in Little Fockers

When MTV caught up with Jay Roach at ShoWest, they talked a bit about AUSTIN POWERS 4.

Another subject that got brought up was the next installment of the MEET THE PARENTS franchise, LITTLE FOCKERS. Roach isn't directing this time around. He will act as a producer and Paul Weitz will direct.

Roach talked about how Greg "Gaylord" Focker (Ben Stiller) will have trouble again from Owen Wilson. Wilson's character, Kevin or "Iceman", as you remember from the first film dated Pam (Teri Polo). Pam's Father (Robert De Niro) loved him and the relationship was a bit intimidating to Greg. Eventually they figured out what a weirdo Kevin was and they never saw him again.

Well now he's back and has a new passion for Greg's wife. There are also more shenanigans in-store for Greg and Jack Byrnes. Sounds like he's out of the circle of trust again.

Check it out the video to get the details.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that's Harvey Keitel in the photo. And yes, it is a pic from the set.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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