Paramount has pulled the plug on David Fincher's World War Z sequel

Although production of WORLD WAR Z didn't go exactly as planned, particularly as they wound up completely rewriting and reshooting the film's third act, it actually proved to be quite the box-office success. Paramount Pictures soon got the ball rolling on a sequel, but that project came saddled with its own problems as it's remained in development hell for several years. Finally, and somewhat unbelievably, David Fincher agreed to come onboard and helm the WORLD WAR Z sequel which was expected to begin shooting this June.

Unfortunately, it seems that problems have continued to plague the WORLD WAR Z sequel as The Playlist have reported that Paramount Pictures have pulled the plug due to budget issues. Due to the costly reshoots, the budget on the original film famously spiraled out of control, and it seems that the studio was hoping to avoid something similar happening with the sequel. According to The Playlist, Fincher was proposing something which would have cost less than the original's $190 million (not counting the reshoots), but Paramount still had concerns about where it was headed. Collider added that they had heard that the budget had actually gone over the original number and David Fincher's refusal to budge led to Paramount bringing pre-production to a halt and Fincher departing.

At this point it's not known whether or not the WORLD WAR Z sequel will be resurrected down the road if they're able to work out the budget or if it will finally be put to rest. Although the thought of a David Fincher zombie film was certainly intriguing, I'd be more than fine if this is the last we heard of WORLD WAR Z 2. It's just a shame that so much time was put into a project which may never see the light of day, particularly as David Fincher hasn't directed a feature-film since GONE GIRL in 2014.

What do you folks think? Are you still holding out hope for WORLD WAR Z 2?

Source: The Playlist



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