Paris finds Happiness?

UPDATE - A longtime JoBlo reader writes in with some detail on Paris' role in the film. Don't get your hopes up for an Oscar nomination. Hilton is essentially playing herself in an extended cameo. A mother is telling a daughter about her past and in a bit of revisionist history says she looked like Paris Hilton. So in a flashback scene, Hilton plays a character who is described as looking like Paris Hilton. MY LEFT FOOT this isn't.

While Paris Hilton's movie career has largely been a joke to this point, she's taken a step towards acting in a project that will require her to do something more than scream or stand around and look confused. Hilton has signed on to co-star in the next project from Todd Solondz, an untitled film that is being described as a "part-sequel, part-variation" on his previous film HAPPINESS. That film followed three sisters and their attempts to find happiness (it also featured a creepy-as-all-hell performance by Dylan Baker as a pedophile). Solondz next film will star Paul "Not Pee-Wee" Reubens, Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling, Ciaran Hinds and Chris Marquette. Demi Moore was at one time attached to star but it's unclear if she's still involved. Either way you slice it, it's quite the departure for Hilton whose cinematic works included HOUSE OF WAX and THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE. Here's hoping Solondz finds something wonderfully f*cked up for her to do in this movie...

Extra Tidbit: How long before Paris gets pregnant?
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