Pass the dutchie as you check out this teaser & release date for Disjointed

"Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come along, and take hits from the bong. Put the blunt down just for a second, don't get me wrong it's not a new method. Inhale, exhale, just got a ounce in the mail. I like a blunt or a big fat coal, but my double barrel bong is gettin' me stoned. I'm skill it, there's water inside don't spill it. It smells like shit on the carpet, still it, goes down smooth when I get a clean hit. Of the skunky funky smelly green shit. Sing my song, puff all night long, as I take hits from the bong!" - Cypress Hill

Who doesn't love a classic rap about smokin' weed, amiright? Happy 4/20, Schmoes! We've got a little something for your pipe this afternoon courtesy of Netflix new stoner comedy series starring Kathy Bates called DISJOINTED. This new 20-episode stoner comedy from Chuck Lorre and former DAILY SHOW head writer David Javerbaum tells the red-eyed tale of Ruth, a lifelong supporter for the legalization of marijuana, as she finally lives her dream while being the owner of a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary called Ruth's Alternative Caring. Joining Ruth in her mission to bring the good plant's medicinal (and recreational) use to the public are her entrepreneurial "budtender" son and one very troubled security guard. In addition to Bates, actors Tone Bell, Aaron Moten, Elizabeth Alderfer, Dougie Baldwin and Elizabeth Ho will appear as a part of the cast.

Check out the brief but hilarious teaser for DISJOINTED by watching the video below:

DISJOINTED will puff, puff, pass its way on over to Netflix beginning on August 25, 2017.

Enjoy yourselves today, folks! Stay safe, remain vigilant, and remember ... the polite way to indulge with friends is to observe the two-hits-and-pass rule, always.

Extra Tidbit: Legalizing cannabis in all states would earn $10+ billion in tax revenue. Meanwhile, cannabis prohibition costs the US state and federal governments $17.5 billion each year. Hmmmmmm ....
Source: Netflix



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