Producer Neal Moritz updates us on the status of Preacher and The Boys

Two projects I thought I wouldn't hear anything else about-- PREACHER and THE BOYS are finally getting some proper updates thanks to producer Neal Moritz.

First up we have talk on THE BOYS:

"The Boys we’re working on with Adam McKay right now. He would love to do it and we’re in the middle of working on it right now."


“We’re actually talking about a little different direction on it. It is a priority, but it’s one of those that is—a very hard movie to get made in Hollywood today. But we’re really working on it.”

I hope that different direction is series. We've talked about this several times on the site, and the only justice that could be done for the graphic novel is a television series. Give it to one of the heavies: HBO, AMC...Netflix, perhaps? Sam Mendes was on board to get the movie up and going, but didn't know the right approach tonally. You've got to throw someone on this that has the balls to take it to the level it needs to go. Not that Mendes doesn't have them, but there's got to be someone who has a good vision for this. It is a hard project to tackle, I'll give them that. Anyone who has read the graphic novel knows that some of the material is rather disturbing for even the most desensitized of audiences. Unless someone can wrap it up into a pretty little package that makes since for a film, go for a series or just don't bother.

THE BOYS could easily be a series as well. Ennis mapped both out perfectly to do this, but I think that a movie for THE BOYS would be easier than PREACHER. At least that's my opinion. I hope it works out for both. If it doesn't though, I wouldn't be too bothered.

Source: CBMCollider



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