Punisher 2 details

The PUNISHER sequel (or maybe "revisiting" is a better term) has a new vigilante (Ray Stevenson of HBO's ROME) and a new director (Lexi Alexander, of GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS and general ass-kicking). And now Superhero Hype says it also comes with a fairly crappy subtitle, THE PUNISHER: WELCOME BACK FRANK. This working title is a reference to the title of popular writer Garth Ennis' early run on Marvel's comic, and perhaps also a sly poke at the last version of the character.

Meanwhile, IGN verifies that the setting has shifted to New York City (where it belongs) and the villain will be disfigured crime boss Jigsaw, who's dealing in biological weaponry and aligning "an army of multi-ethnic criminals" against Punisher. Meanwhile, as Frank Castle continues his crusade against various felons, he must also evade a vengeful FBI agent and an inept NYPD detective assigned to his case (elements of the Ennis comic run).

The Lionsgate/Marvel Studios movie starts shooting next month, with a script being credited to Nick Santora, Kurt Sutter, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Let's hope they all eventually got on the same page. At least they're out of Tampa...
Extra Tidbit: Before his recent comic resurgence, Marvel tried to resurrect Castle as a supernatural agent of good and evil.



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