Quinton "Rampage" Jackson from the new A-Team film says that acting is "gay"

I know fighters are usually known for a bit of trash talk. Boxer Floyd Mayweather spent months running his mouth about how he was going to take down Shane Mosley. Of course, he won the fight. But will Quinton "Rampage" Jackson take down the upcoming A-TEAM film with his recent biting remarks?

It all started when the LA Times was sitting down with Jackson for an interview on the final day of principal photography for THE A-TEAM. Suddenly, a crew member for the film walks through and calls Jackson some name questioning his manliness. Not sure whether is was a joke or not, but Jackson got upset enough to throw the guy out. As the guy is leaving, the UFC star shouts, "You're a punk!"

Okay, well some crew member was maybe attempting to be offensive? Jackson stated that the guy wanted to provoke him, "That motherf*cker wanted me to punch him so he could sue me." Apparently he uses that 12-letter cuss word often.

Then Jackson feels the need to say this, "Acting is kind of gay. It makes you soft. You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you're cold. I don't want a coat over my shoulders! I'm a tough-ass motherf*cker!" Okay...would Mr. T approve of this? I'm sure there's plenty of tough-ass actors that comb their own hair and put on their own coats. I know people joke around saying stuff like, "Dude, that's gay!" but his remarks seem a little off putting in the fact that they are silly as all hell.

The other actors in the film know that Jackson is actually a good guy, who just has that other primal side because of his UFC career. Director Joe Carnahan said, "He doesn't have an ounce of ill will — he really doesn't. But he gets painted in this negative way sometimes."

Jackson hasn't had the best experience with the movie biz, "Here, there's a thing called 'pecking order'. I'm not used to that. People can be really inconsiderate of people's feelings. I wasted three weekends in a row waiting in my trailer when they didn't use me at all. To be honest, my experience in this movie industry hasn't always been good. If you know one thing about me, I say time is the most valuable thing in this universe. I hate wasting time. And these motherf*ckers wasted a lot of my...time!"

I know a ton of people that would gladly switch places with you...

Extra Tidbit: Jackson had to turn down parts in WOLVERINE ORIGINS as well as TRANSPORTER 2 because of his UFC schedule.
Source: LA Times



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