Ratatouille best of '07?

You've seen plenty of movies this year, haven't you? Based on what you've seen so far what would rate as the best movie or movies you've seen this year? And the worst? Now compare your tastes with that of the nation's top film critics via Rotten Tomatoes list of the ten best and worst films of 2007 to date. Taking the top place on the "Best Of" list was Disney/Pixar's RATATOUILLE. Other notable entries included ZODIAC, SICKO and KNOCKED UP. Um, LICENSE TO WED? He-llo critics. Taking the bottom of the barrel was the Mandy Moore flick BECAUSE I SAID SO followed by THE NUMBER 23 and PREMONITION. The Worst films certainly are pretty bad but I think everyone can come up with their own list of the best. I don't have problem with RATATOUILLE taking the top as it certainly is one of the best films of the year so far. Not sure I agree with THE LOOKOUT being one of the best but then again I was pitching a robot-induced tent at TRANSFORMERS. Check out the list for yourself and start thinking of your own list.

Extra Tidbit: Rotten Tomatoes lists BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER as the worst reviewed film of all-time.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes



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