Real Steel sequel already being written

I understand sometimes putting faith in certain franchises that will likely succeed, even before they're out. It's a safe bet properties like GREEN LANTERN or CAPTAIN AMERICA will probably warrant sequels, but REAL STEEL? Really?

But that's just what's happening. Writer of the original, John Gatins has been commissioned by Dreamworks to start work on a sequel. I presume that means they're very impressed with what they've seen so far, and have faith it can capitalize on the "robots crashing into each other" trend made hugely profitable by the TRANSFORMERS series.

Do you think REAL STEEL will be a franchise-worthy property? I actually thought the idea sounded cool, as I imagined a Battlebots-brought-to-life sort of feature, but when I saw that it was just robots...punching each other, my excitement dropped. No saw blades, spikes or flamethrowers? Just...punching?

Perhaps REAL STEEL will turn out to be a robo-ROCKY surprise, and we'll be begging for it to grace us with more films, but from what I've seen so far, I can't envision that being the case.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, there is ALSO a ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM ROBOTS movie in production.
Source: Deadline



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