Remember this: Memento returning to theaters with new footage

I still remember in 2001 when I was a young, cub reporter for JoBlo.com and having to drive to the local art house theater in Montclair, NJ to finally get a look at Christopher Nolan's MEMENTO. I had been reading about since the Sundance Film Festival earlier that year and I couldn't wait to see it in theaters. I didn't review the film for the site but JoBlo's 10/10 review pretty much says it all.

I never saw MEMENTO in a theater again, despite my wish to see it again almost instantly after the end credits rolled. That could change as MEMENTO is hitting theaters again next week to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The film will screen, along with a taped Q&A between Nolan and Guillermo del Toro, on February 17. Unfortunately it's not playing wide but only in these 11 select cinemas across the US and Canada.

- New York (City Cinemas / City Cinemas East)
- Atlanta, GA (Studio Movie Grill)
- Alpharetta, GA (Holcomb Bridge 9)
- Boston, MA (Legacy Place 15)
- Dallas, TX (Studio Movie Grill 9)
- Houston, TX (Studio Movie Grill City Center 8)
- Los Angeles, CA (Rave The Bridge 19)
- San Diego, CA (UltraStar Mission Valley 7)
- Washington, DC (Rave Fairfax Corner)
- Toronto, ON (Cineplex Varsity 12)
- Vancouver, BC (Cineplex Scotiabank)

For those who can't make the in-theater screening, remember that MEMENTO hits Blu-ray on February 22nd and includes a brand new featurette with Nolan discussing the legacy of the film and more.

Source: THR



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