Return of Richards?

Boy there was a time, post-WILD THINGS, that Denise Richards was one of the hottest things on the planet. But then she went and married Charlie Sheen, had a few kids and went through a nasty divorce. Somewhere along the line, she went a little crazy and started throwing computers at old ladies. I wish I were making up that last sentence. Well Richards is looking to concentrate on her acting career a little more and has signed on to an indie drama titled A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. In the film Richards will play an exotic dancer (natch). She joins fellow C-listers Dana Delany, Debi Mazar and Michael Madsen in the flick. Alejandro Chomski (presumably no relation to noted linguist Noam Chomsky), who directed REGGAETON for Jennifer Lopez's production company, will adapt the film from a play by Wendy Hammond (who will also write the script). So can Richards return to the forefront a la Teri Hatcher? What is Richards looking like these days anyway? I can't find any new pictures...

Extra Tidbit: During their divorce, Sheen called Richards the dreaded N-word and I'm still not exactly sure why.
Source: Variety



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