Robots vs. giant monsters? Possible details of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

With Guillermo del Toro's planned project AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, we had some idea of what we might get: Tom Cruise on an Arctic expedition and an encounter with ancient tentacled creepozoids.

But when the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation got put on ice and del Toro moved on to something called PACIFIC RIM, it left us wondering just what that might be. And the normally loquacious filmmaker was rather tight-lipped with specifics.


According to News in Film, the project (as written by Travis Beacham) has some big ideas, and some equally big monsters. And some futuristic alloys striking otherworldly flesh.

The story involves an undersea dimensional rift in the Pacific, from which massive creatures emerge and attack coastal cities. Mankind's response is to construct huge mechanized combat units, each of which require a pair of specially trained pilots.

You can read more details HERE, but suffice it to say that if their report is accurate, GdT's project will have room for numerous species of towering beasts, attractive young cast members, epic battles and a visit to the other side of the monster-hole. The site says PACIFIC RIM could very well be "a visual marvel with a pseudo-science backbone and massive, kaiju-sized appeal."

Extra Tidbit: Considering this week's disaster and devastation in Japan, it's entirely possible del Toro and Beacham will be reworking some of their story points.
Source: News in Film



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