Rocky IV: Fan Theory - Ivan Drago was a Robot! (video)

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In some circles, creating a wild "fan theory" seems to have become just as popular as having an opinion on a film. Whether it be Jar Jar is a Sith Lord, ALADDIN is set in the future, or Deckard is a Replicant in BLADE RUNNER; these outrageous theories often make the viewing experience more enjoyable. Having a crazy fan theory about a film is a new way of appreciating cinema and allows us to take our imaginations to another level. So if you want to experience ROCKY IV in a whole new way, I would recommend you open your minds while watching this little video and take a moment to consider the possibility that the character of Ivan Drago in ROCKY IV is a robot. There are clues and hidden messages throughout the entire film and I took the liberty of diving into this theory head first in order to get to the truth... Is Ivan Drago a robot? Anything is possible in the Rocky Cinematic Universe. I suggest you look a little closer next time you watch this film or any film. The conspiracies are out there… all you need is a theory. 

Source: JoBlo.com



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