Ron Howard feels "badly" about Solo: A Star Wars Story's poor theatrical run

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is not doing well by Star Wars standards. Hell, it’s barely doing well by JUSTICE LEAGUE standards. The movie has made around $175 million so far and could even struggle to crack $200 million. People just aren’t turning out to see the movie in theaters, and director Ron Howard expressed his lament over this in a recent tweet.

Below is his tweet which was a response to a fan who expressed their own confusion over why fans aren't seeing the movie. Howard says he feels "badly" over the fact that people who may well love the movie (Star Wars fans) aren’t going to see it in the best possible way – on the big screen – for whatever reason.

The movie has made about $313 million worldwide, and that total probably won’t climb much higher. As a result, it’s been predicted that the movie will lose Disney anywhere between $50-80 million, making it the first Star Wars movie to actually lose money.

Howard famously took over for directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after they were let go from the project, with reports saying as much as 70 percent of the movie was redone. This kicked off some bad press the movie failed the shake, and mix that with a lack of interest by general audiences, and perhaps even the close proximity of THE LAST JEDI, and the result was a mountain too big for SOLO to climb.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is in theaters now. 

Source: Ron Howard



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